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Photo by Evelyn Hockstein

Ryan Fournier is a political commentator, analyst, and strategist. As the National Chairman for Students for Trump, Ryan leads a national student mobilization effort which seeks the reelection of President Donald J. Trump. In addition to his leadership role with Students for Trump, he is the President of a conservative political strategic consulting firm xStrategies, and is the President of the innovative mobile polling platform OpenPoll.

He specializes in millennial engagement and influence, and delivers unparalleled results to his clients through cutting edge technology, a highly diverse network, and significant experience in today’s evolving political climate. Millennials are becoming an increasingly more important audience, and oftentimes millennial perception can make or break organizations and campaigns. If you are in need of millennial outreach strategy or movement advocacy, Ryan can help.

Ryan has also been featured in numerous media publications listed below.

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